what website hosting do i need

what website hosting do i need ?


what website hosting do i need

What kind of hosting do I need for my website?


Best Webhosting Companies 2020
* : Price is expressed in costs per month for a minimum CMS hosting package including MySQL database, domain name and all setup and administration costs.

** Score is combination user reviews

What should you pay attention to when comparing web hosting providers?

When the MYSQL, CMS’s and data limits and control panels are all around you, it is difficult to determine what is really important when choosing the most suitable webhosting. At HostingVergelijken.eu we make the choice simple for you, who has more knowledge and wants to filter based on specifications can use the
Compare using Webhosters.nl. In this article we will broach some topics that we think are important for a sound choice.

What kind of website will there be?

Before you can properly compare companies and packages you need to know what you want to do with it. What kind of website will there be, how big will it be, who will work with it, based on what kind of system will you set up the website etc.? When you have mapped this out you are a big step closer to suitable hosting. Some CMS systems make demands on the hosting, you can easily check this or ask what brings you closer to your choice.

What kind of website management will there be?

In short, who is going to maintain the website and in what way? Is one person going to do all the changes or multiple people. Even more important, what kind of people will manage the website? Are they experienced or total nitwits in the field of IT. If little knowledge is available the emphasis can probably be placed on a hosting company with a helpdesk that can be reached by phone. This may sound obvious but several cheap providers are only available via email.

Cheap=Very expensive

Personally, I believe that even with web hosting you often get what you pay for. This is especially true in the very competitive market of web hosting. Just reading what is stated on the different websites doesn’t help you enough. Ask acquaintances for experiences and consult reviews and comparisons online. What was good one year ago can suddenly be known as slow. Visit this website every time before choosing a new host.

Of course there are other aspects you should take into account, especially the price is not specifically mentioned here. However, the price is an aspect that everyone automatically pays attention to and which can often be easily found. We hope that the articles and reviews on this comparison site will give you some more insight into the differences on the market. If you have any questions, you can always send an email to


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