Gold & Silver for Life: The No-Nonsense Guide

With all the furor and upset happening around the world right now, and the global markets reacting in their typically flaky fashion, it’s highly likely that you might consider an alternative (or additional) place Gold and Silver For Life to invest your money. And gold, silver, and precious metals have historically been one area that has ridden out economic storms over the centuries.

But for the average guy on the street, getting in on the act is not as simple as it sounds. Unless, that is, you read the hype surrounding Minesh Bhindi’s Gold And Silver For Life opportunity. Of course, the advertising makes the product look incredible, with promises of high returns and stability for your money. But hey, that’s what good advertising is all about… So what we’ve done is to document both the good AND the bad about Gold And Silver For Life. Because we truly believe that it’s only when you have the bare facts at your fingertips that it’s possible make a decision about whether such a product is right for you.

So, in a nutshell, what is Gold And Silver For Life?

What Bhindi’s program is, is a trading options software program that tracks the upward and downward journey of the value of gold and silver. It then provides you with step-by-step instructions on how to cash-flow your gold and silver investment (much in the same manner as is possible with Real Estate). In addition, it also provides training through webinars, coaching calls, and an online learning center.

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What does Gold And Silver For Life offer you?
Gold And Silver For Life offers a means to invest your capital in these precious metals, as well as providing a monthly income. It’s also an alternative place in which to grow your retirement fund, should you so choose. When you buy into the software program you’re basically purchasing the on-going advice of Minesh Bhindi and his team into when and where to place your money. That’s the crux of what’s on offer here.    

There are also other additional parts of the program. These are as follows:

Steps to getting started: designed specifically for those who have no prior knowledge about investing in gold and silver.
Online learning center: where you can learn further about investing in precious metals. Rather like an online university course, this is set out in modules that you can work through as your experience grows. They are designed to compliment the knowledge gained as your own investment timeline progresses.
Weekly webinars and coaching calls: These are also recorded so you can follow them at your convenience. Here you’ll get live guidance on the current market, an analysis on your personal position, and possible next steps to take.
The advertising blurb also talks about a free webinar – and yes, it is free, but to anyone, not only those who’ve bought into the program. However, it’s a good starting point and we recommend that anyone who’s seriously considering buying into Gold And Silver For Life should watch it.

Why is investing in precious metals safer (or potentially more lucrative) than other more traditional avenues?
The thing is, most of us are aware that whenever there’s a ‘blip’ on a global economic scale, currencies plummet and the price of precious metals go up. This is the whole reason that investing in gold and silver is often seen as ‘safeguarding your assets’. But Gold And Silver For Life takes this investment strategy one step further – this is about making your investment provide you with a cash-flow. In other words, a regular income in addition to the worth of the asset itself.

Is this not a risky strategy?
So, simply purchasing said gold and silver and waiting for the right moment to sell could give you a return on your investment when the time is right. But what the Gold And Silver For Life program does is help you monetize that stake to provide a regular income, no matter whether the market goes up or down.

This is done in three ways:

Buying a safe, long-term booming asset as close to market (or even below) below market value.
Cash flowing that asset so it’s earning you money while your capital is holding it.
Buying as much of that asset as possible through compounding.
Of course, there’s risk involved. There’s risk involved in any type of investment strategy. However, the big thing behind investing in gold and silver is its historical proof that whatever happens, precious metals have always provided a safe bet for your dollar. After all, more money can be printed – there’s only a finite amount of gold and silver.

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More about Minesh Bhindi?
Bhindi is a self-made man.minesh bhindi He started off in Real Estate, extended into the Stock Market, and then into Gold and Silver. His specialty is to build long-term portfolios that don’t rely on short-term events. And for the past 10 years or so he’s been helping others build their own wealth through the same kind of investments. He was a trailblazer when investing in such companies as Apple in 2002 and Google in 2004. His company, Reverent Capital, provides an investment service for high-value individuals around the globe.

The good and the bad points?

What’s good?
We like the step-by-step approach provided, meaning that anyone (as long as they have the initial stake necessary), can easily take the first steps into not only investing in gold and silver, but creating a monthly income from it as well.
Gold And Silver For Life offers a valid way to invest money for your retirement. This is a long term strategy and one that has the potential to grow exponentially.
Once you’ve begun your learning process into exactly how to invest with Gold And Silver For Life (which, they say takes around six hours, but we suggest a little longer than this), you only need to spend a short amount of time a day (20-30 minutes) tending to your trading.
We love the fact that the program provides you with a continuous learning curve. Knowledge is key, and the ability to learn from an industry expert is worth a great deal.

What’s not so good?
Although this isn’t necessarily a ‘bad’ point, investing in gold, silver, and precious metals is NOT for anyone who needs their capital liquid within a short time frame (and by short, we’re talking 3 months or so). This is for those who’re looking for a long-term investment strategy.
You need capital to invest in such a market. In fact, you need a minimum of $5,000 dollars. And, let’s be very clear here – this money that you’re investing needs to be capital you can be prepared to lose, or prepared to wait a very long time for your investment to increase. That’s the case with any investment you make, in whatever field.
There is a risk – there’s always a risk – when you invest in any asset.
Does the Gold And Silver For Life offer value for money?
Well, joining up to Gold And Silver For Life is not cheap. But when it comes to value for money, then we believe that it does offer this. For anyone who wants to invest cash in an alternative source AND create a monthly income, such an investment has the potential to provide just that.

In summary
So, Gold And Silver For Life is not for everyone. It’s not for those who want to make a quick buck. It’s not for those who don’t have a significant initial stake to begin with ($5,000). And it’s not for those who’re not looking to play the long game. But who it is for, is those who are looking to grow their portfolio AND safeguard their investment as much as is possible. For anyone who’s searching for a long-term investment plan that brings the risk down to manageable levels AS WELL as the potential for decent gains, then Gold And Silver For Life might just fit the bill.

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