What do I need to know before hiring a web designer?

What do I need to know before hiring a web designer?



8 statements when you should change your web designer
There are always chains of argumentation that web designers initiate towards the layman. Much is absolutely correct, but much borders on complete nonsense. Nonsense, which the shaken industry can’t use anyway. So here are 8 recurring statements from web designers, where you should get pointed ears. Because mostly there is a lack of sound knowledge, because web designers can be anyone, they just have to call themselves that.

1. I put her page through the validator, and she has…
That statement is beautiful. The validator has found 35 errors and 13 warnings. Now take your phone and tell your web designer that you will place the order somewhere else. The validation of a website is certainly a criterion for the evaluation. But not a real benchmark. It belongs “to the good clay/tone”, nevertheless it is well-known for 2 years (!) that Google does not assign any bonus for a valid web page. If you feel like it, why don’t you chase the 100 top-selling websites through the Validator?
Be honest, if the validation of a (small) website is completely out of order, there are usually much more important issues like page structure, texts, color scheme etc.

2.we make your page in Flash, then it is …
If you are offered a page in Flash, but you are not a major brand, you should refrain from doing so. Flash is a fine thing if you know how and where to use it sensibly. SEOs will nod their heads, because Flash is hard (or impossible) to get through the search engines. Actionscript and Flex developers may cry out in outrage.
A Flash site does not mean that you have to throw away your website. But this technique is usually reserved for big brands, because you have enough power to get a good position in the search engine even with Flash. Often the price does not pay off with the benefits either.

3. you need a corporate blog!
You do not need one. But it can’t do any harm either, because it brings traffic (visitors, readers, new customers). Besides traffic you can increase your customer loyalty. But you can also write in the void, just to have a blog. The correct statement would be “You should think about a blog”, in order to use the advantages a blog can bring with itself. The questions you will be asked would be “Do you have the time to run a blog? Do you have topics you want to cover on your blog? And are you able to write for a specific target group? Do you know your target group?”. Running a blog means more than just typing.

4. your website must run in IE6
She doesn’t have to. Internet Explorer 6 must die. It depends on what industry you work in, how many visitors your site has and how many of them come with IE6. Usually agencies are slowly moving away from IE6. In some cases it is still worthwhile to take the old lady with you, at the latest when they would lose five-digit turnover. But please also note that taking IE6 with you usually involves additional costs. There are not many people who can get IE6 “out of the box” (without additional work).

5. only Typo3 works as CMS, everything else is unprofessional
Hang up the phone. Find another agency. A car salesman doesn’t stand up and say “Only our cars of “make XY” drive sensibly on the road”. If you only intend to put a “business card” on the web with 3-4 pages, shoot with Typo3 with cannons at sparrows. That won’t bring much, except a good party at the web designer’s place to have sold you something completely over sized.

6. appearance is not that important. The main thing is that people come to the page
You know. Change the provider. Looks are important. Not as important as designers take it. Designers are occupational hazards. Peer Wandiger wrote about that last week in connection with the 80/20 rule, and he’s right. The look of your website is a building block of the whole work. It is similarly elementary, like the code for search engine optimization, for example. If your design is bad, your conversion will stall.

7. we must stand out with the design
This is the opposite of point 6, and will result in a completely “innovative” site with a lot of tweaks. Well, it will lead to a high abort rate, because hardly any of your visitors will understand your “innovation”. But if you like, you have bought a unique specimen. This will lead to increased visitor frustration, a bad image and once scared off visitors will never buy anything from you.

8 Statements in which you use the Webdesi
8. the keyword tag is important, so that you will be found by search engines
Now at the latest you will know that your service provider either has no idea what he is doing or simply wants to take you for a ride.
Prof. Dr. Mario Fischer, author of the book Website Boosting 2.0 and publisher of the magazine of the same name gives a wonderful example with his keywords.

o be continued…
The list is certainly only a drop in the ocean. If you still have one or the other example ready, I would like to ask you for a comment. I would like to continue the list in a next article. Until then I would like to collect suggestions 😉

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