How do you make a small business website in 5 simple steps?

How do you make a small business website in 5 simple steps?


How do you make a small business website in 5 simple steps?

5 tips for creating a website for the smaller budget
When you become self-employed and start a business, you have a lot to think about. The marketing budget is often tight and creating a website seems to be priceless.

However, the world is becoming more digital and potential customers use their computer or phone to search for services and products. For this reason it is extremely important that every business, no matter how small, and every freelancer has their own website.

But a new website does not have to pillage your account. Here are my 5 tips that can help you get a website without spending a fortune.

1 domain & hosting
What should the address for your new website be? The name of your website should be original and impressive and have a good recognition value.

Make a list of keywords that describe your website and play around with these words. You will see, that you will find a suitable name for your company and your website.

* If you want to reach a global audience, then you should choose a .com domain. There are many ‘new’ domain extensions now and even though they may seem fun and impressive, there is nothing like an outstanding and easy to find .com domain.

* If it is a website for your company, then use your company name.

* Keep it simple! You want the website to be found quickly. A complicated name that is hard to spell will not help you.

* Choose a name that sticks. You want to be remembered easily and quickly!

* Avoid numbers and hyphens.

To register your domain and for hosting you need a good domain provider. You can find a comparison of domain providers in Germany at Netzsieger.

2 Use a Web Builder
The use of a Web Builder helps with technical difficulties and reduces financial risks.

When looking for a suitable Web Builder, it is important to find the right mix: it should have a wide range of functions and at the same time be easy and intuitive to use.

A good Web Builder should:

1. help you choose a domain name

2. have a large selection of possible templates

3. have mobile design capabilities

4. make uploading photos and galleries easy

5. offer a small shop

6. give you the ability to automatically connect to your social media accounts

7. have search engine optimisation functions

8. have access to attentive customer service

3 Research of keywords ‘Keywords
The first step in writing good content for your website is a thorough research on what keywords your target audience uses to find your services or products. There are free programs that can help you with this research:

If you know what the most important keywords are for your website, use them again and again in your text. It is very important to use the words ‘natural’, because search engines can also penalize your website if you cram your text with keywords in an unnatural way.

4 Content
Content marketing – content marketing – is there to create added value for the consumer through free and informative content and thus to address potential customers.

This can be achieved in various ways, such as blog, social media, videos, newsletter, podcast, etc.

* Good content creates trust

* Content is extremely important for the search engines

* Content plays a major role in brand awareness

5 photos
Making photos on a website is more than just looking good:

1. photos bring your website and brand to life

2. photos are viewed much more often

3. photos appear in the search engines

4. photos are shared in the social media accounts

Therefore it is even more important that you use good photos.

* For photos of you and your team you should always use a professional photographer. Only then can you achieve the right results and show your corporate culture and consistency

* If you use stock photos, you should look for individual and appealing photos that have a reference to your brand and do not correspond to a typical cliché. There are some very good free stock photos available at Unsplash.

It can sometimes be very overwhelming and frustrating to create a website. Especially if it is your first time and you have millions of things and concerns going through your mind.

As with any large project, start with small steps to minimize the downside risks.
Under Website Management, I also offer training and help in creating Squarespace and Wix pages. So if you need help, please give me a call.

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