Blue host exposed-How much does Bluehost cost per month?


How much does Bluehost cost per month?

          How much does Bluehost cost per month?

How much does Bluehost cost per month? is trusted by over 1.000.000 domain name owners. Bluehost is known to be the best in the web hosting industry and offers a unique proposition.
If you ask How much does Bluehost cost per month? ,We have written at the bottom of this Bluehost Review telling you exactly how Bluehost hosting stands out from the crowd of other web hosting and providers and what the monthly cost are . When you choose Bluehost web hosting, you would surely find it out for yourself. Along with impartial Bluehost Hosting Review, you will find unrivalled Bluehost Coupon and Bluehost Discount offers here. We have struck a very special deal with to offer visitors to our website with cheapest Bluehost 3.95 Coupon.So if you ask How much does Bluehost cost per month?, we will help you answer this question in this article

How much does Bluehost cost per month?, we will help you answer this question in this article

About Bluehost Hosting is listed as one of the first 20 website hosting companies to hit the web. From that time when the web hosting industry itself was in its infancy, Bluehost has delivered far more than its expectations and has thus preserved its authority under the competition and its credibility among its customers. Bluehost symbolizes superior quality in the hosting industry, which is evidenced by its growing customer base and customer retention. The company is headquartered in Utah and has the most up-to-date technological know-how within their data centers to deliver top notch service to its customers. Bluehost is suitable for both individuals and businesses equally well.

Bluehost Web Hosting aspects to assess

Bluehost hosting offers an exceptional web hosting plan at a reasonable price as their solo plan, which includes just about everything you need to develop a website. This plan includes unlimited disk space, a free domain name, unlimited monthly bandwidth, unlimited email accounts, unlimited MySQL databases and unlimited domains in one account. A few top features of this plan are described below.

Unlimited Domain Hosting

Here you get unlimited domains with a hosting account. This is a great feature that not all hosting providers offer. This gives you the ability to manage all your websites with just one hosting account. You will be glad to know that Bluehost was one of the first hosting companies to come up with the idea of multiple domain hosting.

Free Site Builder – just drag and drop

Bluehost has launched a new feature – the drag-and-drop site builder, which comes across as an excellent way to develop a website all by yourself. You no longer need to be to a specialist on the website’s design to take advantage of this tool. This free site builder is basically a mix of web-site builder tools and templates with a very simple and easy drag and drop icons that you can mix with your personal creativity to generate a custom look for your website.

Control panel

It’s no surprise that Bluehost comes with the Business Standard cPanel for managing your websites. cPanel is preferred by all webmasters for very valid reasons, especially since it is super easy to navigate and provides access to all the configuration settings you could ask for.

Scripting Support

Bluehost offers Fantastico script support through the Bluehost cPanel. This allows the easy set-up and upgrade of a multitude of valuable software applications such as packaging for blogging, forums, CMS, photo galleries, web surveys and online polls etc. Fantastico has acquired tremendous popularity among users and by providing these, Bluehost has added tremendous benefit for their already excellent internet hosting package.

There are also options for the webmasters who want to install the scripts manually, there are a number of scripting languages that are supported by Bluehost including perl5, PHP4, PHP5, Ruby/Ruby on Rails, Python and CGI.

Multimedia support

Bluehost’s multimedia capabilities include audio and video streaming, Real audio and video support, MIDI file support and you can also add your custom MIME files.


While in the first thirty days there is a money back guarantee with their hosting plan, so you can apply for a full refund if you are not satisfied with Bluehost services.

Bluehost Coupon Code, discount and Bluehost 3.95 offer

Coming from the Bluehost Price Value, Bluehost offers 1, 2 and 3 years ahead of their hosting plan and unless you required a short term, we recommend you choose their 2 or 3 year plan purely for the cost effectiveness that comes with this. The normal price for these is $6.95 per month. Considering that Bluehost offers unlimited add-on domains, which offers great features and very high performance and reliability, this is actually a great deal.

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, we hit a brilliant deal with to offer a special monthly discount price of $3.95 for a 2 or 3 year contract and $4.95 for a one year contract.
Compared to the regular price of $6.95 per month, this amounts to a discount of up to $108 (for 2 and 3 year contracts).
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Bluehost Performance and Reliability Rating

Bluehost pays a lot of attention to the accessibility of your website to your audience. It uses UPS and heavy duty diesel generators to provide power back to the servers in an effort to get rid of downtime on their sites. Therefore, they are able to guarantee a 99.99% uptime for your website. They utilize modern quad servers and first class equipment, in addition to mirrored backups and 24/7 monitoring by their trained staff. All these ensure that their service remains perfect at all times.

Bluehost Support Rating

Bluehost offers its customers a variety of options regarding technical support. First of all, you have the fantastic online help center, where you could look through or search a huge knowledge of the content on a diversified selection of topics, this is really the quickest and most comfortable way to solve a problem. The help center also gives you the opportunity to raise a support ticket directly with Bluehost support staff. In case you need real life human support, Bluehost provides a 24 hour/7 day technical support phone number. You also have the ability to email and chat. No matter how small, how trivial or how complex your problems are, the well-mannered and experienced customer care managers will tactfully help you to find a satisfactory solution.


Bluehost web hosting service is reasonably reliable, their stunning up-time score and excellent performance and speed makes bluehost hosting the highly desirable cpanel website hosting plan. Bluehost has proven to be the best professional web hosting company. Regardless of whether you are a beginner or perhaps a specialist, bluehost will meet all your needs.

So are you now considering joining the fastest growing web-hosting company, if you are not already? Well, just stop thinking about writing it and it’s actually just a few clicks away. Surely you’ll be happy in choosing the best solution for yourself.


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