How can I get web design ideas?-What are some good website ideas?


How can I get web design ideas?-What are some good website ideas?


3 website design ideas & eye-catching trends
3 website design ideas & eye-catching trends
Is your website starting to look a little outdated? Are you planning a conversion or a complete redesign?

It can be difficult to know where to start when looking for design inspiration. Chances are that your favorite websites have a dizzying array of designs, from magazine-style blogs to busy news sites. If you are taking steps to bring more traffic to your website You want a high quality, inviting website that jives with your brand and keeps your visitors up to date to learn more.

Let’s take a look at three major trends – and some advantages and disadvantages of each.

Idea #1: Take a minimalist approach.
Minimalism is not only a popular self-help idea, but it has also become a standard on the web. With simple, clear layouts and lots of white place, minimalist websites make your content shine.

Example: Goins, writer (a blog about writing)

While Jeff’s front page is a bit more lively, his blog has a simple, reduced design. There’s a mobile-style menu instead of a traditional navigation bar (reflecting the growing trend towards mobile-first design as more users visit websites on mobile devices).


* Minimalism is a good option if you’re not a designer; instead of trying to create something complex with lots of intricate flowers, you can keep it simple and straightforward and focus on your own content.
* It can be great for many different brands, so your design can give you a sense of simplicity, openness and serenity.


* Minimalism is usually not as noticeable as other design styles: you may feel that it doesn’t go well with your brand or what you’re trying to do with your website.
* While it may seem easy to reduce things like navigation elements, unnecessary text, and flashy widgets, it can be surprisingly difficult to keep things to a minimum.

Idea #2: Use bright colors.
If you want a modern, eye-catching website, how about joining the trend for bright, vibrant colors?

Example: Probable story (a design agency)

As you would expect from a design agency, the website of Likely Story is an eye-catcher. The pink stands out against the dark blue (and note the use on the chair and the little horse in the lower right corner).

This front page also has a minimalist look: the company logo, a small amount of text, a single image and an expanding menu.


* Bright colors are unforgettable: if someone visits your website but forgets the name, they may remember the color well – which helps them find it again via a web search.
* Colorful pages can convey a cheerful, youthful, idiosyncratic or innovative brand, which could help you stand out in a crowded industry.


* Some color combinations can be difficult to read, especially for older people (Likely Story’s pink on blue, for example, could be a bit of a strain on the eyes).
* Strong colors may not be suitable for some locations or industries; for example, if you run a luxury hotel, they may look a bit brash and youthful for your site. (And if you run a funeral home, you will almost certainly want to stick with the darker colors).

Idea #3: Integration of short video clips
With automatically playing video clips or animations you can catch the eye of a casual browser and draw attention to your products or an important message.

Example: Office (a shoe store)

This bright animation takes up almost the entire front page of Office. It is highly visible (just compare it to the little “UP TO 50% OFF SALE” link just above it).

It uses bright pink colors and a background with moving gradients that attracts the eye even more. Whether you like it or not, it’s hard to deny that it grabs your attention.


* Moving text or images can be much more attention-grabbing than simple words and offer you a great way to “grab” visitors immediately.
* For some products or services, a short animation can quickly help visitors “understand” what you are doing.static images or long written explanations might not convey this nearly as well.


* Some users may not like videos or animations that play automatically; this is much more likely to happen if you add sound, so make sure yours are visual only. Also, be aware of what your audience and their likely preferences will be: something that teenagers will enjoy might not go down so well with business people in their 50s.
* Creating a high-quality video or animation may well require expert help, which could mean budgeting extra for your website design. Bad animations or videos probably don’t make a good first impression at all.

Whatever type of web design you choose, make sure you create something that is simple and appealing to users. There is no point in having a nice design if that design makes it impossible for people to navigate through your website.

Now that you have made an effort to create an eye-catching website design that attracts attention and makes a good first impression, you want to attract as many visitors as possible. Install our social media sharing button sum to make it easy for your visitors to share your content with their social media connections – they are free to use, easy to install and will effortlessly drive more visitors to your fantastic new website!

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