WordPress hosting comparison


WordPress hosting comparison



The 3 best hosting providers for wordpress in 2020

What is the best hosting provider for your website? It’s tricky because almost every hosting provider offers the same and the prices are not very similar.

But good hosting is the basis of a
well-functioning website.but in this article we will give you a good wordpress hosting comparison

Hosting is often underestimated and still more important than you think. Especially when you really start to generate visitors and your website is getting bigger and bigger.

                           Wordpress hosting comparison

That is why we have the 5
The best hosting providers for your WordPress website.

Security, uptime, speed and support are most important in our eyes.

I will briefly go through the 4 points why they are so important. For hosting we usually look for the cheapest because we don’t know how important it can be.

We’ve already had enough requests coming from ‘cheap’ hosting and after they really started getting visitors more and more problems with their website.

Wondering what we have? Take a look at our
hosting packages.

Security –Good hosting also offers
security against hackers, makes automatic backups and helps with optimization.
Maintaining your website yourself of course also has to be done, but the hoster has to play his part as well.

read more about why here
website maintenance is important,when you are talking about WordPress hosting comparison Uptime – This is the time when the servers are online and your website just keeps running. You wouldn’t expect it but there are hosting companies where your website is regularly offline.

Speed – Over the years the patience for loading your page has dropped drastically from about 8 to 2 seconds. After 2 seconds there is a good chance that the visitor will leave. Hosting is not entirely responsible for the speed of your website but it does play a role.
Optimizing your own website is certainly necessary.

Support -The website is working 24/7 so something can go wrong 24/7. Always nice if there is someone ready to help you.

Are you looking for a total solution? We offer
WordPress custom hosting.

1. Siteground Web hosting

Sitegroundis one of the most popular web hosting companies in the world. It’s not the cheapest, but as we said, quality over quantity.

Siteground also has one of the best reviews on the internet. You will find almost no negative reactions about it.

What makes Siteground so good:

Flexibility of support: They’re neat, polite and patient. They help you right away with your problem and it’s often solved within minutes.

Live chat: They are active 24/7 and the average waiting time is under 2 minutes. You can contact them by phone or PC.

Speed: Siteground has 3 datacenters. One in the Netherlands, one in Chicago and one in Singapore. As far as I know there aren’t many who have that worldwide.

Extra security: If you buy a package you get a free optimization plugin that comes with your website. The SG Optimizer. It optimizes your PHP, HTML and caches your website for optimal speed.

They also scan your website 24/7 for hackers and if something is going on they intervene and inform you.

The cheapest package starts from €3.95 per month. You will receive a 50% discount on your first contract. Even though the Growbig package might be a bit too big, we recommend it.

You get all the Premium Features such as the optimizer and the 24/7 monitoring.

Would you like more information about Siteground… Go to their website via the link:

2. Godaddy

GoDaddy is one of the largest hosting companies. With their ‘special’ WordPress packages they are very strong in the market. The hosting is specially made for WordPress for an even faster website.

Special WordPress packages
Support in  (telephone and mail)
High discounts
Own website builder

Packages start from €3.99 for the base. Again, we recommend to go for the Deluxe Package. You get just a little bit more for that one euro per month.

The website of Godaddy:

3. Wp Engine

Wp Engine is known for their quality and are therefore among the best hosting providers for WordPress. Security is top, speed is good, have more than 80,000 customers in about 140 countries and you also get free plugins to optimize your website.

Automatic backups
24/7 Support
Optimization plugins

The reason we didn’t put Wp Engine at number 2 on this article about website hosting comparison is because of the price. They are a lot more expensive than the rest but you will definitely get something in return.

As said WP Engine is a lot more expensive than the rest. But you will definitely get something in return. If you have the Budget and you really don’t want to have anything to do with hosting, then Wp Engine is a good choice.

The website of Wp Engine:
Wp Engine

4. Hostgator

Hostgator plays long time in the top of the webhosters. The prices of Hostgator are also favorable for what you get

Good uptime of 99%
45 days not good, money back guarantee
Free website builder
Coupons for Google ads etc.

Hostgator is also a great hosting provider, nothing wrong with that. The prices are very cheap but beware, it’s a one-time discount.

The website of Hostgator:

5. Bluehost

Bluehost is also a leader in this industry. The owner of Hostgator has also had his share in building up Bluehost. Bluehost is also one of the cheapest on a monthly basis and always has fun actions.

Free domain with your hosting package
Free Website builders
1-Click WordPress installation
$150 Google Adwords credit

Bluehost’s website:

And the best one is…

What exactly is the best hosting provider for your wordpress website is hard to say. They are all 5 very good companies.

We prefer Siteground because we’ve been sitting there for a while and we’re just super satisfied with the services.

Do you have another good hosting that you are satisfied with. Leave a comment, maybe it will be in the list as well

Have you read this article because you’re thinking about starting a website? If so, then this article is something for you:
This concludes our article about :Wordpress hosting comparison

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