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WooCommerce hosting, what to look out for
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When it comes to hosting for a WooCommerce webshop, the requirements for hosting are slightly different than for a ‘normal’ WordPress website.

Not only does WooCommerce require more power from the server, there are also a number of things you need to take into account.

For example, the server where your WooCommerce webshop will be placed must have the possibility to install an SSL certificate, so your website can run on https for the safety of your customers.

Next to that you also need to take into account what is cached and what about good support in case something is wrong.

I’m going to talk about this and much more in this article, so you’ll know what to take into account when choosing good WooCommerce hosting.


WooCommerce Hosting – What you need to understand


WooCommerce and wrong caching can go wrong
With a WooCommerce webshop you always have to think about caching. In this case, I’m not talking about a cache plugin, even if this is advisable to use, but about the server caching set up by the hosting provider.

The company hosting your WooCommerce needs to remember that you are hosting a web shop and that certain things should not be cached here. Should I give an example? How about a shopping cart that doesn’t come off the 0, while a customer has put a product in the shopping cart. This is due to incorrect caching.

Many hosting providers try to put as many websites as possible on a single server, because then as much money as possible can be raised. In order to minimize the load on the server, caching is enabled at the server level. With WooCommerce webshops, however, not everything can be cached, as this can lead to errors in the ordering process.

Fortunately, caching your hosting with your WooCommerce webshop doesn’t happen very often, but I have had a number of customers who did encounter problems.

WooCommerce requires more from the database
A WooCommerce webshop will communicate with the database more often than a normal WordPress website. A database is already consulted on all product pages, product categories and so on.

For example, how about a variable product in WooCommerce with as many as 100 variations? This data has to be requested before it is shown to the visitor of your webshop.

With WooCommerce you also have the account pages of customers. These pages contain the address details, all orders that have been placed and the status of orders that are still being processed. This is all specific information that differs per customer and therefore cannot be removed from the cache. The information therefore comes directly from the database.

Because of all these extra database requests, it is important that your webshop has sufficient power on the server on which the webshop is hosted. With very cheap hosting you often see that a webshop is very slow. This chases away potential customers.

Companies with special WooCommerce hosting already take this into account. There is enough power to handle everything.

WooCommerce communicates with external parties
Another difference with normal WordPress websites, is that with a WooCommerce webshop you also quickly have to deal with external parties. No idea what I’m talking about? It is often the case that webshops for example have an integration with an external party for the shipments. Each order is then automatically forwarded, so that the external party knows exactly what needs to be shipped or what you are delivering to shipments.

What about payments? In order to receive Paypal or iDEAL payments in WooCommerce, you soon end up with external payment providers, which you can link with a plugin. Mollie is an excellent way to receive iDEAL payments with WooCommerce. For each payment a request is placed to an external party, so that all data is correct and the correct amount can be paid.

What you soon notice with these two examples is that it’s all about dynamic things. Every order is different, so different data has to be sent each time. The server is always tested this way.

Extra working memory is not always the right solution
A story I often hear from customers who suffer from a slow website is that they are advised to take extra working memory (RAM). This way, of course, the power of the server is increased and that in itself is not a problem, but if you have to do this over and over again, a light should light up anyway.

Taking extra working memory is certainly not the best solution in all situations. It is the simplest solution, but it will not solve anything if there is a problem. You actually need to know how WordPress and WooCommerce work.

Someone with knowledge needs to look at what causes the website to slow down and slow down. It could be a plugin that has been programmed incorrectly and is sending too many commands to the database. When you can find out it’s a matter of disabling the plugin and suddenly you don’t need extra RAM anymore.

Is there hosting for large WooCommerce webshops?
There are myths going around that with WooCommerce you can’t create large webshops and that no hosting provider can manage to keep the web shop at a good speed.

Luckily these are fables and you don’t have to believe a thing. With WooCommerce you can make great webshops with 1000’s of products and for hosting providers this doesn’t have to be a problem.

In my opinion it is important that you take hosting with a large WooCommerce webshop with a hosting provider that knows all about WordPress and WooCommerce.

You may start out small, but as you grow further and further, you want your hosting provider to grow with you and to think along with you. Managed WordPress hosting is often the best choice in this case.

Good support is necessary
The last thing to pay attention to for good WooCommerce hosting is of course that there is good support. A web shop is a business and you want it to run as well as possible. The moment your webshop is not running well, you lose revenue.

When there are problems you want to be able to contact us and be helped. When you are growing too fast for your WooCommerce hosting package, you want to be advised what the best step is. You do not want to be blocked immediately because you have crossed the limit.

They are simple things that make a lot of sense and that you should be able to expect everywhere. Unfortunately I have heard a bit too many stories to believe in, but fortunately I do know some hosting providers who will always be there for you.

Dear WooCommerce hosting UK
Of course, you are free to choose where to purchase WooCommerce hosting for your webshop. However, I have experience with several hosting providers and I can recommend the following two hosting providers for your webshop.

Both providers are foreign, but you can simply choose a server in the UK. You won’t lose speed because of this.

Kinsta – Managed WordPress hosting
If you take your WooCommerce webshop seriously, I have Kinstaop number 1. This is a Managed WordPress hosting company with 24/7 English support, so you can always contact us. Super important if you have a webshop where you can place an order at any time of the day. TheĀ  support is open from 07:00 to 15:00.

Kinsta has knowledge and focuses completely on hosting WordPress and WooCommerce websites. It may be a bit more expensive than with hosting providers where all kinds of websites can be hosted, but of course you get a lot in return.

At Kinsta there are people who are familiar with WordPress and are completely immersed in it in order to configure everything as optimally as possible. They also know how WooCommerce works and what is needed for this.

Furthermore, you can request a free SSL certificate with your hosting package, so that your webshop will also run on https. Automatic backups are made, hacks are solved for free, you can use the built-in WordPress cache and much more. If you have any questions, you can be sure that you will get answers from people who understand WordPress. Greetings with your webshop is also no problem, Kinsta can handle this.

Take a look here at the hosting packages of Kinsta

SiteGround – Cheaper alternative
SiteGroundis the hosting provider I run Webtalis on. For the Webtalis Academy I use WooCommerce as a system for payments and linking to the learning environment. At SiteGround I also have several customers with a WooCommerce webshop.

If you want to take hosting for your WooCommerce webshop at SiteGround, I would advise you to at least go for the GrowBig package. The reason? From the GrowBig package you also get built-in WordPress caching and the possibility to set up a test environment for your webshop with one simple click.

Siteground also has 24/7 English support, so if you have any questions, you can always go to Siteground to find a solution. So you will never have to wait until the next working day with your webshop because no one is available to solve the problem.

Take a look at Siteground’s WooCommerce hosting packages here.

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