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I’m sure you’ve seen dozens, if not more, of BlueHost reviews on the Internet. Many of these reviews talk about the same things – the unlimited hosting features of BlueHost, the free domain offer and the 30-day money back guarantee.

This is not one of those reviews.

I’ve been using BlueHost shared hosting service since 2005. One of my first partner sites was hosted on a very old BlueHost subscription called “BlueHost Platinum Pak” and I signed up another BlueHost account in 2020 for a side project.

A lot has changed since 2005: the company was sold to Endurance International Group (EIG) in 2010 a new design was released on BlueHost.com in, new VPS and special hosting plans were added to the BlueHost shelf and sign-up prices were reduced from $8.95/month (in 2005) to $2.95/month today.

About BlueHost Hosting
* Headquarters: Burlington, Massachusetts, USA.
* Founded: 2003, by Matt Heaton and Danny Ashworth
* Services: Shared, VPS, dedicated and cloud hosting

What does this BlueHost review say?
In this review you get the inside scoop, from server performance statistics to user dashboard demo, from a 15-year-old BlueHost customer.

Let’s get into it!

Advantages: What I like about BlueHost

Disadvantages: What I dislike

BlueHost plans and prices

BlueHost Pears Comparison


Advantages: What I like about BlueHost Hosting
1. Excellent server performance: average hosting uptime above 99.95%
Apart from the two major network outages in 2013, BlueHost is very stable for me.

In general, my sites hosted at BlueHost remain 99.98% of the time in They rarely went down for more than 10 minutes.

I keep track of the uptime of BlueHost using Uptime Robots a self-built system called HostScore. The images below are the results of the last 5 years. For the latest results, see where I publish the latest BlueHost performance data in beautiful graphs.

Recent BlueHost uptime records
BlueHost hosting uptime for January and February 2020: 100% (visit the actual site here).Previous uptime records

2. BlueHost speed meets expectation
When it comes to server speed, the performance of BlueHost meets my expectations. With an average Time-To-First-Byte (TTFB) of less than 200 ms ms * on Webpage Test, BlueHost is rated as “A” in most WebpageTest.org speed tests.

BlueHost webpage test results
BlueHost speed test from United States – TTFB = 190 ms. Our test site is hosted in the United States – therefore the latency is the lowest for the American test node (see the actual test result on Webpage Test). BlueHost speed test from United Kingdom – TTFB = 612 ms. Our test site is hosted in the United States – therefore the latency is higher for the test node in the UK (see actual test result on Webpage Test). BlueHost Bitcatcha Speed test results
BlueHost took 49 and 34 milliseconds to respond to the test nodes of the American west and east coasts. Webhost rated as “A +” compared to Bitcatcha’s benchmark (see actual test result here).3. Recommended by WordPress.org
With over 20 years of experience BlueHost has a proven track record in the hosting industry and is well known to experienced bloggers and website owners. This is further confirmed by the fact that WordPress.org officially recommends them as one of the preferred web hosts for their platform.

BlueHost is on top of it WordPress.org’s hosting recommendation list. Their official statement on BlueHost hosting: “Easily scalable and supported by legendary 24/7 support from in-house WordPress experts. ( source)4. Popular among bloggers and marketers
We have conducted a number of surveys with hosting users in the past and BlueHost is always one of the best recommendations from bloggers and marketers. Writers, marketers and bloggers such as Lori Soard, Paul Crowe, Kevin Muldoon and Sharon Hurley have recommended BlueHost hosting.

Survey (2013) – 5 out of 35 bloggers responded “BlueHost” if they could only recommend one web host for the bloggers. We again conducted surveys with over 200 respondents. BlueHost stood out as the #3 most referenced brands. The hosting company scored an average rating of 2.2 out of 3 – which is above average. BlueHost user feedback (from WHSR survey)
We asked, “If you could only recommend one web host, who would it be?”

> For a first blogger I would recommend BlueHost.

Although this hosting company gets a few mixed reviews, they are recommended by WordPress, one of the most popular blog platforms. The hosting company also offers an automatic installation of WordPress, making it quick and easy to set up for someone without much web design experience. Unlimited disk space and bandwidth transfer are also a nice addition. Rates start at $4.95/month (if you pay in advance), so it’s also reasonably priced for someone trying things out.

I also like the fact that newcomers can support 24 / 7 in different ways (online, by phone or email).

Kevin Muldoon – Pro blogger, KevinMuldoon.com


The first time bloggers don’t use many sources at first.

That’s why I would recommend a well shared hosting company like BlueHost. Once their website has started to generate more traffic, they can assess their hosting requirements.

Sharon Hurley – Professional web writer, SharonHH.com


I have used 6 or 7 web hosting service providers over the past 5 years, including many of the popular shared hosting providers.

I keep coming back to BlueHost, where I currently host more than ten domains. It’s a great host for low to medium traffic sites and everything you want is easy to set up. I am impressed with their uptime and their technical support department is extremely quick and helpful if there is ever a problem.

Michael Hyatt – NY Times Bestseller Author, MichaelHyatt.com


If you use WordPress as I recommend, you will also need a hosting service.

And BlueHost is the best web host for WordPress.

Lisa – Web developer, Website Hosting Rating

> I rated Bluehost 4 out of 5. Bluehost is an all-round and good webhost for beginners and WordPress users. Your site on BlueHost benefits from the latest security and performance features.

[…] BlueHost is cheap (really cheap), has a solid uptime track record and is very easy to get started with (especially for beginners and for WordPress sites).

5. Comprehensive self-help documents and video tutorials
Because there are many tutorials and self-documents available online, this makes BlueHost a lot easier to learn and use if you are a beginner. I was able to solve several simple problems just by reading their articles or watching the video self studies in the past.

BlueHost self studies on YouTube.6. Beginner friendly: Easy to use control panel and useful emails
The overall on-boarding experience with BlueHost was great. My account was activated immediately and I receive a handy starter guide via email every day for the next 5 days after signing up.

The Bluehost control panel is organized and easy to navigate, easy for both beginners and experienced website owners. The latter can still get a bit disoriented as the layout differs slightly from the popular cPanel interface. Still, the way it is designed offers a smooth user experience.

BlueHost user dashboard – users can register a new domain in one place, set up emails, install software and manage security features. The usual cPanel menu screen falls under “advanced” in the BlueHost user dashboard – which feels rather uncomfortable at first. Welcome emails from BlueHost come with both a handy guide and various upsell messages. Personally, I find these emails useful – especially if you’re hosting a website.7 for the first time. Plenty of room to grow
As your site grows, BlueHost gives its users enough space to grow with the ability to upgrade to different hosting plans at a reasonable price. You can upgrade your shared hosting plans to VPS and dedicated hosting.

See plan details in the following table.

Features Shared VPS Dedicated Storage Unlimited 60 GB 1 TB (mirrored) RAM Shared 4 GB 8 GB bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited 10 TB IP addresses 2 4 Support 24 / 7 24 / 7 Sign up (36-mo) $ 5.45 / month $ 29.99 / month $ 99.99 / month Renewal rate $ 14.99 / month $ 59.99 / month $ 159.99 / month

Disadvantages: The Not-so-good about BlueHost
1. Price increases during prolongation
Although this was the standard for cheap hosting deals, it is worth noting that BlueHost charges a high price when it comes to renewing your plans.

The basic plan alone jumps up from $2.95 / mo to $7.99 / mo when you renew, which is a 170% (!) Price increase.


BlueHost Plans Sign Up (36-mo) Renewal Let your sales Basic $ 2.95 / month $ 7.99 / month 170% Plus $ 5.45 / month $ 10.99 / month 102% Choice Plus $ 5.45 / month $ 14.99 / month 175% Pro $ 13.95 / month $ 23.99 / month 72% 2. Unlimited hosting is limited by different usage policies
Another drawback is that their unlimited hosting is not really “unlimited”.

If you read their policies, you will realize that there are some limitations to their unlimited hosting, such as the fact that they do not offer unlimited space for online storage. All of this makes their “unlimited hosting” quite limited.

Unlimited hosting of BlueHost is limited by the processing time, memory and inodes of the server. The unlimited hosting of BlueHost has strict restrictions on the use of databases.3. U.S.-based data centers only
Unfortunately, Bluehost only operates servers in US-based data centers. Although this may be good for sites that target traffic in that region, other sites are unfortunately disadvantaged. This is particularly the case for sites expecting traffic in the Asian region, as that zone is literally all over the world.

Prices: how much does BlueHost cost?
BlueHost Shared Host prices
BlueHost shared hosting comes in four flavors: Basic, Plus, Choice Plus and Pro. The main features and prices of each plan are shown in the table below.

Note that BlueHost Plus and Choice Plus have the same sign-up price ($5.45/month) but renew at a completely different rate ($10.99/month vs. $14.99/month). If you’re not sure, start with a lower plan (Plus) and upgrade later if necessary.

Features Basic Plus ChoicePlus Pro websites 1 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Storage Space 50 GB Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Email account 5 Unlimited Unlimited Free Domain 1 1 1 1 Automated Backups included CodeGuard Basic Inodes Limit 50,000 * 50,000 * 300,000 300,000 Free Auto SSL Promotional Price
(Deadline 36 month) $ 2.95 / month $ 5.45 / month $ 13.95 / month Renewal rate
(Term 36 month) $ 7.99 / month $ 10.99 / month $ 14.99 / month $ 23.99 / month * Official ToS indicates that in most cases no actions will be taken until Basic and Plus users have more than 200,000 inodes.

BlueHost VPS Hosting Prices
BlueHost VPS subscriptions cost $18.99/mon, $29.99/mon, and $59.99/mon. General features and prices of BlueHost VPS hosting meet current market standards. Their prices are not cheap compared to other similar VPS hosting providers, but they are also not expensive.

Server specifications and key features as below.

Features Standard Enhanced Ultimate CPU Core 2 2 4 RAM 2 GB 4 GB 8 GB Disk Space 30 GB 60 GB 120 GB bandwidth 1 TB 2 TB 3 TB IP address 1 2 2 Price $ 18.99 / month $ 29.99 / month $ 59.99 / month

BlueHost BlueSky and Full Service Plans and Prices
When it comes to business customers, Bluehost has additional services available that can be cost effective. These come in on two levels. You can choose full service or professional support. Each of these options can meet your needs, depending on the situation in your business.

For companies that find a web presence increasingly important, but don’t want to deal with taking a full-time team on board to handle it, full service is an interesting option. It also has options that go far beyond what only a development team can do.

From concept to launch and ongoing operations, Bluehost’s full service offers about the equivalent of an entire department with development, design, content and digital marketing (including SEO). If you take on the staffing for these services internally, you’re looking at a substantial fixed overhead increase.

If you already have an existing site, you can still opt for full service and have their team consult your existing site before and after the migration. In this way, your company can retain the key elements of your existing digital presence and migrate with enhancements.

BlueHost Bluesky costs $ 29.00 / month and higher. Users get expert WordPress support when they add this plan to their original hosting package.

BlueHost Comparison: How BlueHost compares to others?
1. BlueHost versus Hostgator
In their basic offer, BlueHost and HostGator offer a number of very similar profiles. Both are also major service providers and offer similar levels of performance when it comes to more basic sites and are owned by EIG.

Features BlueHost Hostgator Plan in revision Basic Hatchling websites 1 1 Storage space 50 GB Unlimited Free domain Free SSL Free email account 5 Unlimited Free website transfer Money Back Guarantee 30 Days 45 Days Sign up price (36-mo subscription) $ 2.95 / month $ 2.08 / month Renewal price $ 7.99 / month $ 6.95 / month Order / learn more Bluehost.com Hostgator.com Learn more

2. BlueHost versus InMotion Hosting
With neck and neck prizes, Bluehost InMotion gives a run for its money as far as their boarding pans are concerned. However, the latter comes with better features and an extended money back guarantee of up to 90 days.

Features BlueHost InMotion Hosting Plan in revision Basic Launch websites 1 2 Storage 50GB Unlimited Free Domain Free SSL Server locations No choice United States Free website transfer Money Back Guarantee 30 Days 90 Days Sign up price (24-mo subscription) $ 3.95 / month $ 3.99 / month Renewal price $ 7.99 / month Order/Month Learn more Bluehost.com InmotionHosting.com Learn more

Frequently Asked Questions
Is BlueHost CodeGuard worth it?

CodeGuard is included with BlueHost Choice Plus and shared plans. If you have a more basic subscription it is not really necessary to pay extra for CodeGuard unless you are considering running an eCommerce site or otherwise processing payments.

Does BlueHost use SSD?

Yes BlueHost uses SSD storage on all subscriptions.

Why is BlueHost so cheap?

From $2.95 / mo for shared hosting, BlueHost is definitely one of the more budget-oriented hosts out there. However, this is an introductory price and increases up to $7.99/month upon renewal.

Is BlueHost good for the UK?

BlueHost only operates servers in its own Utah facility which is not optimal for those focusing on UK based traffic. However, in general it has a decent server performance.

Which BlueHost subscription is best?

To start with, BlueHost’s basic plan offers a good step into the world of web hosting with low entry costs and decent features. If you need more resources, they also have VPS or Dedicated hosting plans.

Can you cancel BlueHost at any time?

BlueHost offers a 30 day money back guarantee in which cancellations can get a full refund. In addition, plans can be cancelled at any time without a refund.

Disclaimer: BlueHost is recommended for …
Given that you only pay ~$5/month when you sign up, shared hosting services from BlueHost are considered above average.

The web host scored 58 in our 80-point rating system and was rated as a 4.5-star host.

Therefore I think BlueHost is an excellent choice for small businesses and website owners looking for a budget hosting solution.

It is worth noting that BlueHost offers many of the latest security and performance features – NGINX architecture, custom server cache, HTTP / 2, SSD storage, etc. However, these features are only available to those who are willing to pay extra. GoPro, BlueHost’s best performing shared hosting plan, costs $13.95/month on sign-up ($23.99/month on renewal). WordPress Hosting, now with a new dashboard and an integrated marketplace, costs $19.99/month (and $39.99/month on renewal).

Here’s a brief summary of the pros and cons of BlueHost:

BlueHost alternatives
If you think that BlueHost is not suitable for your website, here are some alternatives you can consider. You are also recommended to view my list of hosting reviews here.

* A2 hosting – Solid server performance, both shared and VPS hosting plans are priced the same way as BlueHost.
* GreenGeeks – 300% environmentally friendly hosting, suitable for users looking for a budget shared hosting solution.
* InMotion Hosting – This is where I host this site (WHSR); competitive VPS hosting plans.
* Hostinger – One of the best cheap hosting services in 2018; shared hosting plan comes with a cheap price tag and innovative features.
* SiteGround – A bit expensive, but you get what you paid for; premium hosting services with top class live chat support.

Compare BlueHost with others

Get BlueHost at a reduced rate
BlueHost offers a special introductory rate for all new users. If you make a purchase using our promotional link below, you will receive up to 63% discount on your first invoice.

This special discount applies to all shared hosting packages – Basic, Plus, Choice Plus and Pro.

BlueHost Basic starts at $2.95/month, Plus $5.45/month, Choice Plus $5.45/month and Pro $13.95/month (36-month subscription). Click:


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