GoDaddy experiences & reviews | GoDaddy reliable?


GoDaddy experiences & reviews | GoDaddy reliable?
I understood I was buying a domain. Instead, due to their vague language, I bought the Domain Buy Service. I didn’t want that service and I don’t trust that service for a penny.85 euro spent on nothing. I want my money back! Very sneaky you can’t ask for your money back for this service according to GoDaddy. Why can’t you? They haven’t done anything for me yet and I didn’t want this service. I don’t want them to do anything for me, because I don’t want this service! Why don’t I have time to think about this? Isn’t it Dutch law that you have a cooling-off period? And I will never use GoDaddy again until I get my money back. And I also discourage anyone from using GoDaddy.

My Complaint PLEASE NOTE for Godaddy his very bad service do not keep backups, do not send messages and dunning for possible extensions and just close sites without consultation with the customer. Are also terribly expensive with everything, so pay attention do not do business with GODADDYGODADDY SERVICE! Do not come up with a solution even when paying 217 EURO hosting for 1 year no guarantees etc Worthless no one to recommend! contact me

The first time it took a year and a half. Wasn’t important yet, that’s why. Now I have to have a premium certificate but again it’s bumblebee class. What is the intention of godaddy if you still have to mess with America. This is the only and last certificate I will buy there.

It seems interesting from a price point of view. But don’t start with it. Once you’re in, you won’t get rid of your domain names, they’ll charge you for domain names that aren’t yours and things you never ordered. They can’t correct that. You hang up on the phone many times for a very long time, but nothing is solved. Mailing is not an option at all because only standard texts are returned.
How I ever get rid of these costs is a mystery to me, because I can’t stop the automatic payments either.

This company puts tons in promotion to bring you in as a customer but once you are a customer everything goes wrong.

I have several good domain names running with them and for some reason they all make problems. And when you contact the service desk they can hardly help you and they hide behind all the rules etc.


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