best web hosting for small business


best web hosting for small business


          best web hosting for small business

For every online service that is offered, there are good providers and bad providers. This is no different when it comes to web hosting. What are the things you should pay attention to when finding
reliable web hosting? In this article we’ll tell you about the best web hosting for small business and give you some tips to help you find a reliable webhost.

The first impression

If you came to the site from a webhost then the
first impression you get when viewing the site of interest. Does the site look professional? Are the web hosting packages offered clearly described? Are there any questions you may have when looking at the web host’s offer? If so, check out the frequently asked questions / FAQs on the site and the documentation. Is there a clear answer to your questions here?

A professional, clear website is very important for a webhost, because the site is the company’s signboard. If the site looks amateurish, this is a first sign that you might be better off with another web hosting provider.

Company data of the webhost

A reliable webhost must meet a number of requirements:

There must be clear
contact information (name and address details) can be found on the site. A webhost also needs to be reachable by phone.
The webhost must have a
registration number of the Chamber of Commerce a
VAT number.
The webhost is registered with your local Domain registration

Where are the servers?

A web host that has its servers in your country is usually preferable to a host that has its servers in the US. If your site is land based then it is more practical that the server where your site is located is also in your country. This improves the speed of the site.

Information about the location of the servers (also the data center that is used) is often just on the site with a good webhost.

Terms and conditions and lower case letters

Always read the terms and conditions of the webhost before purchasing a web hosting package! You need to know exactly what is offered by the host and what your own duties are.

One point that a lot of customers run into with their webhost is uncertainty about the amount of
that’s wrong with the package. You have to estimate in advance
how much data traffic your site will consume. For new sites it will often be difficult to estimate what the consumption will be in a couple of months, but if you are going to move an existing site to a new host then you need to know how much data traffic your site has generated each month lately.

Don’t settle for a web host that says the data traffic is unlimited, because
Unlimited data traffic does not exist. If the web host is talking about a
“fair use policy” then that’s not enough information either. You need to know exactly how much gigabyte of data traffic you can generate per month with your site. If you purchase a service and agree to the terms and conditions, it should be completely clear what you get. This is the only way to know exactly where you stand and to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Furthermore, it should be easy for the webhost to switch to a more extensive package with more data traffic and/or web space. Check how this is arranged. This should be on the site of the host.

Experiences of others

An advantage of Internet services for consumers is that when a company is not doing its job properly, this is reported in no time on websites by dissatisfied customers. The experiences of others with a company are therefore a good tool for finding reliable web hosting.

If you want to read about the experiences of customers, you can go to the following website:

Ask questions to the webhost

Finally, as a tip, I just want to say that you should email or call the webhost if things are unclear about the hosting package, the terms and conditions or whatever. This way you will not only get answers to your questions, but you will also find out how quickly the support responds and whether the support is also customer friendly.

I hope these tips about finding the best web hosting for small business will help you find reliable web hosting for your (new) website.

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