Is GoDaddy any good for hosting?

Is GoDaddy any good for hosting?



Is GoDaddy any good for hosting?

Godaddy review and experience with their hosting
Godaddy is one of the biggest players in web hosting and domain names on the internet. Everyone is familiar with the controversial commercials of sexy women in tight outfits. For their latest commercial they even used our own Jean-Claude Van Damme. In this review of Godaddy we look at the different types of webhosting Godaddy offers.

The hosting packages
The first thing we should warn you about is that there are 2 types of hosting packages. You have the website builder packages where you can easily create a website online without any knowledge of HTML, PHP and CSS. Please note that this hosting package does not include the possibility to use a database or run other scripts.

The website builder is in fact very suitable for a simple corporate website at a very cheap price. You can choose from a huge amount of layouts that you can use for free, the quickest way to get your website online.

Website builder (without database)
The regular sitebuilder web hosting where one can create a simple website without using a database. A static website.


How much does GoDaddy charge for hosting?


Package Free domain? Number of layouts Web space Data traffic Email addresses? Mobile site? Price Personal yes 50 1 GB 150 GB no no €0,79 Business yes 300 10 GB 500 GB 5 yes €3,59 Business Plus yes 300 50 GB 1000 GB 10 yes €5,99 Detailed information can be found here.

Ordinary hosting with database and extensive possibilities
The regular hosting package of google exists in 3 variants where one can place on the last 2 unlimited website/domain names and have unlimited web space and data traffic.

Package Number of websites Web space Data traffic Databases SSL Mobile site? Price Economy 1 100 GB no limit 150 GB no no €3,19 Deluxe no limit no limit no limit 500 GB no yes €3,59 Ultimate no limit no limit no limit no limit 1000 GB yes yes €5,99 Extensive information can be found here

We recommend to order the Deluxe Package as you are in trouble if you want to place a 2nd website online. The price difference is fairly small and you have unlimited disk space.

The control panel
Godaddy’s control panel is a custom control panel. This means that it is made by Godaddy himself and one cannot just restore a backup of Directadmin or Cpanel online from Godaddy in a few minutes. Of course it is always possible but you will have to upload the files and the database manually. Furthermore, the control panel looks simple but you can find everything quickly and it is easy to work with.


Is GoDaddy good for domains?


Domain names
Cheap domain names, that’s what Godaddy grew up with. You can find a lot of domain extensions at very cheap prices. You also have the possibility to get free private whois for many domains. This ensures that people can’t just see that you are the owner of a domain name.

Ordering webhosting with Godaddy
This is quite a stumbling block for many Belgian customers. At Godaddy, you can only pay via iDEAL, credit card or Paypal if a credit card is linked to it. If you don’t have a credit card, it is not possible to order from Godaddy. People who order from the Netherlands have no problems and can easily pay online via iDEAL.

Support department
The last part of this review is of course the support department. As Godaddy is a huge company this has some advantages and disadvantages.

* 24/7 support by phone (international phone numbers)
* Support via email in several languages but unfortunately no English
* Very active forum where you can be helped directly with simple problems

If you are looking for a hosting provider where you get quality at a very good price then Godaddy is perfect for you. However, if you are looking for a company with a personal approach,

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