Is Bluehost WordPress hosting worth it?

Is Bluehost WordPress hosting worth it?


Is Bluehost WordPress hosting worth it?


Bluehost: webhosting review 2020
In our file Best webhosting 2020 we already briefly described Bluehost.

In this review we go a little deeper into why we think Bluehost is the best hosting if you have a WordPress website.

In your search for the best hosting for your WordPress website you will have come across the name of Bluehost from time to time.
Even though they are less known than competitors, SiteGround or GoDaddy. They are not more expensive, but they are better.

When you visit their website, you will also see that they are more professional and also clearer.

Why is Bluehost the best hosting for WordPress?
Bluehost has noticed that WordPress is the most popular CMS and has focused specifically on this.

With their 1 click installation the most stable and latest version of WordPress is immediately installed for you, you can also count on automatic updates. In other words, you don’t have to mess around with Plesk or CPanel as much.

Since 2005 Bluehost is also recommended by WordPress as the best possible hoting option.

Support 24/7 – and that’s really
Well, we’ve already had to test it out, but it’s true. Their support is really available to you 24/7.

Do you work at night and you have problems? They help you out – for free!

WP Pro
Recently they have a new service available, WP Pro. A service that allows you to manage all your WP websites from one dashboard.
WP Pro is marketing oriented: managing your SEO, Social Media, mailings… Everything starts here.

There are also some very nice templates.

Are you an agency and do you want to sell WordPress websites to your customers carefree and fast? For a good €20 you can use WP Pro.

By default you don’t have any emails with your hosting, but Bluehost does choose for quality.

They have a link with Microsoft Exchange. So you have the best mailbox on the market, but without the complex set-up.
And the nice thing: it is not more expensive.

Domain names
Domain names are more expensive than at Vimexx. For a .nl you’ll soon pay more than €10 per year.

No fortunes, but more expensive. Luckily you have 1 domain name for free your first year.

Our opinion?
For WordPress websites, Bluehost is the best place to be. The best support, clear prices, Exchange mail address, fast servers and good – simple – services.

Compare your Bluehost vs., SiteGround or GoDaddy: a clear winner.

* Unlimited number of websites


☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆5/5

* Specialization WordPress
* Free domain name for 1 year
* Cheap
* WP Pro
* 24/7 support
* Exchange mail addresses

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