Which Bluehost plan is best?

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BlueHost Review – Specifications & User experiences
Who better to ask than… the people behind WordPress! Right? That’s how we end up at webhosting company Bluehost. On WordPress.org this provider, together with two others, is listed as an absolute recommendation for wordpress webhosting.

Overview For / Against

Multiple websites in 1 account Extra services little useful Numerous options & possibilities domain Unlimited data traffic More information: Bluehost.com

We will compare the specifications in this review and then leave it up to you to exchange experiences of this service by leaving a comment.


Which Bluehost plan is best?

Since 1996
Bluehost has been active as a webhosting company since 1996 and reached the milestone of 1 million hosted websites/domains in 2009. For WordPress and other CMS users Bluehost of course offers automatic installation, the other specifications are also very impressive. If you do not like it there is a 30 day money back guarantee.

Where Bluehost was one of the few hosting packages on offer a few years ago, they have now also switched to three shared hosting packages: Basic, Plus and Business Pro. This is a pity since there is only now an unlimited number of domains with the most expensive package, $23.99 per month. Also the disk space is limited in the two smaller packages, with 50GB and 150GB still very ample but still a deterioration. We recommend the Plus subscription for $10.99 per month, which allows you to host up to 10 websites and automatically uses the Global CDN network, which means a faster website for European visitors. Still when ordering please pay attention to the many extras Bluehost is trying to sell you, not all of them are useful, see the next paragraph.

Additional Services during the Order Process
During the ordering process some extra services can be added. We advise you to be very critical before adding these services to your order. Our advice is whether or not you need these extra services:

Extra 1: Sitelock Security

Sitelock security at Bluehost costs $19.99 a year, and according to the company, would give extra confidence. In addition, it automatically scans your website for malware. Although it’s not very expensive, in our opinion it doesn’t add much. We also assume that Bluehost scans the website itself and protects it against malware, but an extra scan might not hurt. Nevertheless, we would omit this addition.

Add it: No

Extra 2: Site Backup Pro

We are all for a backup and preferably an automatic backup service. Still we are not in favor of the Site Backup Pro of Bluehost itself. First of all Bluehost already backs up every website and server by default. Secondly, we always recommend to have a backup with an external party. In short, make a backup yourself or shut down a separate service.

Add: No

Extra 3: Search Engine Jumpstart

We can be brief about this extra option, it’s not worth it. They mainly give a one-time ebook and some tips you have to pay for every year. Automatic SEO of webhosting companies is actually never recommended, so don’t do it.

Add it: No

Extra 4: Domain Privacy

Finally, there is the option of Domain Privacy. This allows you to prevent your own personal data from being found in the Whois. The big advantage of this is that you will receive less email based on your domain registration. For example from people who want to sell you a similar domain name. At the same time, this also has the disadvantage that if you are willing to sell your domain name yourself, potential buyers will not be able to find your details so easily. Depending on your plans, this option may be worth it!

Add your domain name: Yes

Bluehost support
The support of big companies like Bluehost is very good. You can call/mail them day and night and access them via live chat. At the time of writing the average waiting time for Bluehost’s telephone support is 3 seconds and the last email is 10 hours. In short, you will always get a quick response. If you call, it can happen that you are spoken to in English with an Indian accent, we recommend the live-chat!

In summary, the specifications in Bluehost’s offer are very impressive. Also for entrepreneurs and internet marketers who want to set up multiple (smaller) websites Bluehost is very advantageous. This together with the recommendation of WordPress.org itself we are very impressed. For Dutch people there is of course no Dutch support and registration of .nl domains isn’t possible at Bluehost either, it’s easy to register a .NL domain somewhere else and then host it at Bluehost. The speed of hosting at Bluehost is certainly not very good from Europe, see also this article. We would like to hear your experience regarding the quality and speed of web hosting at this party!

Website: Bluehost

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