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Compare Best WordPress Hosting: Top 3 best webhosting providers [2020]

Do you have a WordPress website?

Then it is wise to choose the best WordPress hosting.

Especially if you have:

* offer products or services
* don’t know much about technique
* have important information on your website
* want to be protected against hackers
* service and support is important
* always want to be accessible online

Is this important to you?

Then it is wise to choose a good WordPress hosting.

In 2010 I launched my first website.

On the advice of my cousin I chose WordPressals CMS.


wordpress hosting comparison


WordPress is open source software that you can use for free (under certain conditions).

The first version was published in 2003 and was meant for blogs. Nowadays WordPress is used for all kinds of websites, from blogs to corporate and e-commerce websites.

It is estimated that 455,000,000 websites have been built with WordPress worldwide. That is 35% of the entire Internet.

Apart from the popularity, I have never regretted my choice for WordPress.

Because WordPress is not only free, but also easy to use and expand with free plugins:

Anyway, after a while I discovered how important good WordPress hosting actually is.

That’s why I started talking to my cousin again.

He was so honest to say that he couldn’t offer the best WordPress hosting.

You can choose different forms of hosting. These are the most famous ones:

* Shared Web Hosting – You use designated space on the server with many others.
* Dedicated Web Hosting – You are the only one who uses the server but you are bound by data limit and disk space.
* Cloud Hosting – Your website is hosted on multiple machines, increasing speed and reliability.
* Managed hosting: You get your own server, but you relinquish the management and maintenance.
* VPS Hosting – Limits the costs of Dedicated Web Hosting.

Would you like to know more about the different types of web hosting?

Check this page on Wikipedia.

After our conversation I decided to look for the best WordPress hosting providers.

But yes, how do you find them?

Before I started searching, I determined my criteria (based on this post from Netbird):

Nobody wants a slow website.

Speed is important for both your visitors and Google.

The speed of the internet is becoming more and more important for search engines. Websites that load slowly are not placed at the top of the search results, because search engines want to offer the best and fastest user experience to visitors.

Google has made tools available to analyse websites for speed. In recent years, Google has openly been looking more and more at speed when ranking websites. To get an impression of the speed of your website, you can use free Google analysis tools such as (general performance) and PageSpeed Insights (speed only).

WordPress is a nice Content Management System, but is not known as the fastest system.

The hosting determines the speed of the website to a large extent. So it is advisable to pay close attention to the speed of the server when you are looking for a hosting company.

Server location
Until now the server location has been an important factor for Google to rank your website. So if your website is on a server in the Netherlands, this will have a positive effect on the ranking of your website in

In recent years, Google has emphasized the value of speed as a ranking factor. The last formal thing Google said about this was in a video by Matt Cutts from 2009. He let it be known that the server location still matters, but that it is also only one of the ranking factors:

WordPress has become enormously popular in recent years. Also for hackers.

The best WordPress hosting providers play an important role in keeping out hackers. They monitor what happens on the server: login attempts, server load, changed php files, plugins used, passwords, uptime monitoring, etc.

You can’t expect a cheap hosting company – where you pay a few tens a year – to spend a lot of time on this.

The best WordPress hosting providers know that security is very important.

It’s from your hosting company that you need service.

During the development of your website you may encounter all kinds of problems that you need to solve together with the hosting company.

With a good hosting company you can call someone or a ticket system will respond within a few hours. The best WordPress hosting providers go further than just giving answers. They try to solve the problems.

Suppose you have to move a website. A good hosting company will do this for you. Or they’ll help you when you can’t. Traditional hosting companies don’t usually do that. They don’t take care of your website.

The way backups are made is important when assessing hosting.

I have looked at whether backups are made automatically, how long they are kept and how easy it is to restore a backup. Automatic backups are very useful, for example when you want to update the website while you have already made adjustments.

Using the above criteria I came across the following WordPress hosting providers: SiteGround, Savvii and BlueHost.

SiteGround has quickly become one of the largest international hosting providers.

That’s not so strange: they offer quality hosting and service for a more competitive price.

Compared to its biggest competitor, SiteGround is the best on almost all fronts:

Which WordPress hosting packages does SiteGround offer?

* StartUp of 3.95 per month for the first contract period (60% discount)
* GrowBig of 6,45 per month for the first contract period (64% discount)
* GoGeek of 11.95 per month for the first contract period (60% discount)

And whichever package you choose, you get the following free extras by default:

* WordPress installation
* move website
* enamel
* cloudflare CDN
* daily backups
* automatic updates
* Unlimited MySQL
* 24/7 support

Not unimportant: you can always ‘downgrade’ your package if you (temporarily) need a less extensive package.

Which WordPress hosting package do you need?

* Startup is ideal for starting bloggers and entrepreneurs.
* Are you expecting a lot of visitors, do you have multiple websites or do you need more speed? Then go for GrowBig
* GoGeek is the best choice if you want (also) a test environment or an even faster website

Are there any drawbacks to SiteGround?

Yes, there are.

For starters, the support is in English. For me that wasn’t a problem, but if your English is really bad, you’d better choose another WordPress hosting provider. But do you have a basic level of English? Then it’s no problem at all.

Besides that you can only use email and chat for support. I only use the chat and I like that very much. On average I get a response within 30 seconds from a friendly staff member who quickly gives me the right answers. It works fine for me – also because I know you can hang up on the phone with other webhosting providers for quite some time.

Furthermore, the price is especially low for new users, but you find that almost everywhere. As a new customer, I chose for a 3-year contract period, so I could take maximum advantage of the price/quality ratio.

If you want to extend after the first contract period, you will see that the rates are higher.

This is common with hosting providers.

However, I didn’t think this was fair to loyal customers so I contacted support 🙂

I now get a 40% discount if I renew for three years. I have of course compared this offer with other WordPress providers.

My conclusion: I can’t (yet) find such a competitive price anywhere else!

Because I’ve been a very satisfied user for years, I’ve decided to take up this great offer.

If you’re not 100% convinced yet, check reviews like this one through Trustpilot:

> Super! After some searching (Google) for a good hosting, I ended up at SiteGround. After a very pleasant chat with their staff, I got enough confidence to decide to host my website at SiteGround. The costs are very pleasant and the communication is friendly and helpful. So far, So good! I am looking forward to their quality.

It’s a pleasure to get to know SiteGround.

Excellent customer service. Good hosting with servers in the Netherlands. Very satisfied!

Savvii also offers various hosting packages, including ‘Managed WordPress hosting’.

This means that all technical management of your hosting environment is done by the hosting provider. Think of work on the data center, network, operating system and installed services.

Just like with SiteGround, you get a lot of extras with your WordPress hosting package, such as:

* unlimited data traffic
* telephone support
* automatic updates
* SSL certificate
* relocation service
* daily backups
* caching for higher speed
* Multi-site support

What are the disadvantages of Savvii?

The biggest “drawback” is the price. The cheapest package will cost you about 35 euros per month:

Another disadvantage is the telephone support: it is limited to normal working days. Only VPS customers can contact us by phone 24/7 in case of an emergency. They don’t make that distinction at SiteGround, where everyone is welcome 24/7.

Incidentally, Savviige users are also very positive, according to reactions such as this one:

> I am currently a (business) Savvii customer for a few weeks and I am very satisfied. Already during the first contact I was pleasantly surprised by the service-oriented attitude, level of knowledge and friendliness. This soon turned out to be no fluke, all my contacts with Savvii employees have been pleasant. Before moving my website to Savvii I made use of the (free) 30 day trial period. You get a test URL on which you can test and measure your site on the Savvii server. The results were amazing: the speed of my site increased by 50%! My site has been moved (for free) by Savviien running to full satisfaction. Top of the line!

In addition, the reviews on Google also give a positive image of Savvii:

Bluehost is – just like SiteGround – an international WordPress hosting provider.

And BlueHost also offers you different hosting packages:

So you pay less than with SiteGround, but you also get less in return: the speed is much lower, you pay for moving websites and they have no servers in the Netherlands.

On the other hand, BlueHost is (also) user-friendly, they deliver a good uptime, you get more MBs for your website(s), you get a free domain for one year and the security is good.

Furthermore, the support at BlueHost is in English.

All in all BlueHost is the third best WordPress hosting provider.

It remains difficult to answer this question: it will be different for everyone.

But my favorite is clear: I choose (again) SiteGround.

For me, speed, 24/7 support and price are the most important criteria.

If you’re looking for the best WordPress hosting, ask yourself the following questions:

* Who’s going to maintain your website?
* How important is the website to you?
* Are you planning to create multiple websites?
* How much experience do you have with WordPress?
* Are you going to post a lot of pictures? (then you need more disk space)
* How good is your English? *

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