best web hosting for wordpress

best web hosting for wordpress


best web hosting for wordpress


Recommended Tools | Profit With Affiliate Marketing
All my niche websites I run on Bluehost’s hosting. The main reason why I use Bluehost? They make it so easy to 1) arrange hosting for your website and 2) install WordPress automatically. I am absolutely not a technician, and then the 1 click WordPress install plugin really is a must.

Another great advantage: you can host multiple domain names on 1 hosting package! This is really an important difference with many Dutch hosting parties. Often you have to take out a hosting package for each domain name. Nahh?! Bluehost doesn’t do that. Those Americans are better off! With dot on 1 the tool I would use for my hosting!

2. Yourhosting

This is a reliable hosting party. Most important advantage for me: it’s a Dutch company, which saves on reading all the features and tools. Their service is top-notch, if you have any questions they always respond quickly. Disadvantage is that not every hosting package offers the possibility to link multiple domain names. If English isn’t your strongest part, I would choose Yourhosting.

3. Leadpages

If you want to use affiliate marketing, you want to collect leads. One of the best ways to collect leads is by opting into the form. What’s even better is to work a specific page: the Landings page. This page is totally dedicated to generating new subscribers on your mailing list and then of course selling your (affiliate) products.

One of the fastest and best tools to create landing pages is Leadpages. It works for WordPress sites as well as non-Wordpress sites. Highly recommended!

4. Clickfunnels

Clickfunnels is one of the most comprehensive marketing software on the market. With this tool you can build entire sales tunnels. Instead of selling one part, such as a landing page, Clickfunnels offers much more.

Think of opt-in pages landing pages, sales pages, payment pages, download or thank you pages and even upsell pages, webinar pages and member areas. If you want to take affiliate marketing to a higher level then Clickfunnels is the technique to achieve this.

5 Elegant Themes

There are so many builders of WordPress themes, which one should you choose for your marketing sites? I can recommend Elegant Themes.

Divi is their unique visual page builder for WordPress! So “what you see is what you get”. On the front end you build your website. You can use the many themes they have available or you can easily customize an existing theme to your wishes. “Extra” is their main theme for bloggers. You can easily customize this theme with Divi.

6. Wix

If you don’t want to do anything with WordPress, and you don’t need an extensive sales tunnel, then Wix might be a good option. Wix is one of the easiest tools to build a website. By clicking and dragging, you can arrange the shape of your website yourself. Adding text, images and videos is also very easy. Building the website is free, but to host the website under your own domain name you’re required to buy it from Wix. Wix is probably the fastest way to deploy a website for affiliate marketing.

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