godaddy wordpress hosting review

godaddy wordpress hosting review



GoDaddy Hosting Review 2020 – Is it overrated?

Changing support

It seems that as GoDaddy grew, the company had to replace its technically skilled personnel with more general support staff. This means that
you don’t always get an immediate answer to a technical question.

Because of its popularity, GoDaddy’s response times can also be very irregular. However, you have two direct support channels at your disposal:
Live chat and telephone, with special lines for dozens of countries. Both should be available 24/7, but unfortunately GoDaddy’s live chat is not always online.

GoDaddy’s Help Center isn’t the best either, because finding the relevant information can be a challenge. GoDaddy also doesn’t offer email support, which is strange.

As you can see from my interactions below, support staff doesn’t always immediately know how to proceed, which questions their training. However, this is often the case with outsourced customer support.

GoDaddy’s WP Premium support service, created specifically for its managed WordPress hosting customers, is worth a special mention. This service is offered through a layered structure using a credit system – the higher the package you buy, the more credits you get. Credits can be used to enlist the help of a support employee for management or administrative tasks.

The services you get in exchange for credits include:
Theme management, plug-in management, configuration file changes, database management, evaluating your website for SEO friendliness or other essential WordPress tasks.

Live Chat Support

Unfortunately, one of the disadvantages of choosing such a popular hosting provider is that there are rush hours when your support is delayed. You can see an example of this when I tried to contact their live chat support early on Monday morning:

As you can see, I was number 77 in line to get help and
My estimated waiting time was about 51 minutes. Eventually it took even longer before I actually had contact with a support employee. I wanted to know if GoDaddy offered a CDN or if it had to be purchased through a third party. The support engineer had to take some time to verify his information, but later informed me that GoDaddy does offer this as part of his website security package.

On another occasion I had much more luck and
I managed to reach an employee within about five minutes (which was longer than the estimated 3 minutes). I wanted to know where I could find my recurring invoices. Although Julien followed all the formalities and was polite, I liked to see that he kept his final answer to the point:

After each chat session you will also receive a survey to fill out about your experience:

Telephone support

As I mentioned earlier, GoDaddy’s conditions and restitution policy can be confusing. So I called the support hotline to get clarification about some of the conditions, because I thought it would be easier to communicate over the phone than live chat.

As with live chat, the time to talk to someone may vary depending on how busy the GoDaddy support center is. Usually I managed to get through pretty quickly and in this case answered
an employee’s phone within ten seconds of me completing the prompts.

Make sure you have both your customer ID and the support PIN at hand, as this will shorten the time to get in touch with an employee and make the process smoother. I was put through to Dimitri.

I found out that telephone support had a lot in common with my experience with live chat. Dimitri was courteous when needed and gave me the information I needed.

My question was not a particular technical problem, so any support employee could have answered it. However, please keep in mind that if you have very technical or policy related questions, you can
can be put on hold for five to ten minutes while the support employee looks up the information, which is not really ideal.

After a conversation with the telephone support, you will also receive an email with a short survey:

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