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GoDaddy Hosting Review – Experiences with GoDaddy

has been known for years as the largest domain registration company in the world.
In total, millions of customers have already registered nearly 50 million domain names with this hoster. Besides domain registrations GoDaddy has expanded its services with Webdesign, Hosted Exchange email services, domain parking and of course webhosting.

Overview For / Against

Largest webhosting & Domain company in the world

Many Datacenter locations including the Netherlands (Amsterdam)

Sharp introduction offer

✘ Customer service is in English

✘ Extra options for a fee, such as backup and SSL


Webhosting Starter
from €2.49 per month (Go to the website

GoDaddy Linux or WordPress?

The first step in the ordering process includes the choice between Windows and Linux as operating system. First of all, to be sure that this choice has nothing to do with the system on your own computer. It is purely about what type of website you want to build on the GoDaddy server. For the majority of users who want to use a ready-to-use CMS like WordPress, Joomla or Drupal Linux is the recommended choice. If you want to work with ASP or Coldfusion yourself, Windows is necessary and with pure HTML you can choose both options.

Extra options

The GoDaddy website looks good and rates are clearly displayed. GoDaddy’s hosting packages are also well equipped as standard. Things like unlimited data traffic, 10 databases, Adwords and Facebook credits and automatic CMS installations are all standard on every GoDaddy hosting package. It is not for nothing that two American hosting companies score very well in our Top 10, they simply offer a lot of value for little money. What is striking is that a functionality like website backup is an extra service that you have to pay €1,99 per month for.

Hosting Packages

GoDaddy’s standard prices are not as low nowadays as they used to be, yet it is an inexpensive webhoster. It can sometimes be confusing to find out the actual rates as they work with a lot of discounts. We distinguish the rates for Standard Hosting, WordPress Hosting and Business Hosting.

Standard Hosting

(Cheapest package: Starter)

€2.49 per month (after the first year €3.49)

.NL Domain €7,99 per year (50% discount first year)

WordPress Hosting (Cheapest Package: Basic)

€3.99 per month (after the first year €6.99)

.NL Domain €7,99 per year (50% discount first year)

Business Hosting

The business hosting package of GoDaddy is with a starting price of €16,99 per month a lot more expensive than the two packages discussed above. You get 1 CPU, 2 GB RAM, 60 GB disk space, unlimited number of websites, standard SSL.

Based on the experiences of two international hosting comparison websites (Webhostingjury & WebhostingGeeks) you shouldn’t expect too much from the quality of GoDaddy and their customer service. Especially on the support part GoDaddy often scores poorly on both websites. Frequently heard complaints are extra costs that will be charged if something happens. We ourselves are familiar with this experience with American webhosting providers. For example, there used to be a $150 recovery fee to restore a website backup. This now seems to fall under €1.99 per month.

Where GoDaddy of course makes up for a lot are the wide specifications at a competitive price. If the most important wish is a lot of space and bandwidth for not too much money then at GoDaddy you are in the right place.

By the way, if you are looking for a worldwide hosting company or if you just like all the bells and whistles, we recommend you to take a look at
SiteGround, same mountain of options but better service and support!

Go to the website

Review: GoDaddy Hosting
updated by HostingVergelijken.eu on November 20


Average rating: 17 reviews

Hosted at GoDaddy and added to their all in one package. In the end it was better to stay with the current hosting. Cancelled and now half a year later still € 250,- not back from them. Customer service costs at least 45 minutes each time and then they promise to get better. I feel enormously sewn up by this company.

If I could give a zero, I would. We had/have not only hosting but also their Office365 packages. DRAMA DRAMA… Get WordPress website online? DRAMA! Call Helpdesk? DRAMA! Getting away is an even bigger DRAMA. Really, I’ve rarely seen worse companies like this. If you love your life, don’t bring anything here.

by Not happy customer on GoDaddy

I registered 2 domains with godaddy with a code of 35% discount, so I type in that code and it says that I’m coming in for the discount and that the discount will be removed automatically, but at least the original prick was €49 and guess how much is debited from the bank account, yes €49! Do you call this discount give your bunch of crooks that you are, do everything to rake in the money but in the meantime do not stick to promotions that are advertised big! It’s a shame that such a thing can happen to the largest (BEST) web hosting in the world… And where is your fantastic customer service than I don’t see them anywhere! Amateurs

High cost extra services, customer service will cost you at least 20 minutes per problem, little freedom to work outside GoDaddy platform.

Terrible. Expensive for what you get and then they start asking / saying that they can only help through “premium” services. In addition, there is no live chat only calls and only in english.

Customer service is unreachable! You can only chat in english and then you will get someone who has problems with his system. I’ve been busy for a day and the problem is only getting worse. FRUSTRYING!

Pure junk, they lock your domain one year after cancellation (outside the publisher of the TLD) and offer a backorder of unprecedented cost to retrieve the domain.

After registering a number of domain names at GoDaddy, I’m really thrown to death with spam, not normal. You do get the choice to do this anonymously, but then the domain name becomes twice as expensive, and I just came to GoDaddy because the registration was so advantageous.

With other hosting parties where I have registered domain names this problem doesn’t occur, apparently the registration is standard anonymous and you have to pay extra for that at GoDaddy.

If you register a domain name with GoDaddy, I would definitely recommend you to pay a little extra for the anonymous registration (or go to another party).

I’ve registered domains with different companies but Godaddy is the worst company ever!

NEVER register a .nl domain.

I don’t get the nameservers configured to my host, continuous errors, they don’t even have a 24/7 chat like namecheap, the community is full of people who think they know about it, the chat is always offline, they can only be reached 24/7 if you call America and the Dutch support is totally disastrous.

Tis that namecheap doesn’t have a .nl but never and never again godaddy!

I honestly don’t understand the negative reactions. I’ve never received an extra invoice and the service is always very friendly. In terms of price/quality ratio I would definitely recommend this.

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